Welcome to the Luppitt Neighbourhood Plan website.  This is a live website designed to contain all relevant information to enable the draft Plan to be properly considered before it is submitted to a parish referendum.  The site will develop over time as an ‘information bank’ to enable all parish residents to keep fully up to date with the latest developments.  You will be able to read the latest news, join in discussions on topics relating to life in the parish, view minutes of the Steering Group to see how we’ve arrived at this point, and sign up to alerts. Here you will find the 37 proposed new planning policies specifically developed for the parish and 17 proposed Community Actions designed to improve parish life.  More information will be added as we progress.

The draft Luppitt Neighbourhood Plan was signed off by the Parish Council in February 2021 and we are now entering the final phase of publicity, awareness and consultation leading to the parish referendum. You should have already received a Summary and Explanation Booklet in the post which provides an overview of the content of the plan, but we do hope you will take time to review the whole document over the course of this final consultation period. You can also see the flyer sent out with the Summary and Explanation Booklet here.

The full document is quite lengthy so you may find it easier to review each of the sections separately so we have broken the document down into the following:

The full plan is available here for your review and you are able to download it if you prefer. Paper copies are available to borrow from the Parish Clerk Rosalind Buxton (contactable on 01404 861565) if required.

In addition, from mid-April through to the end of May, everyone who lives in the Parish will have the opportunity to give us their thoughts on the content of the proposed Neighbourhood Plan.  In normal times, we would invite everyone to come and talk to us in the Village Hall – but with Covid restrictions, that is not possible.  We are therefore inviting all parishioners to join us online for one of three open Zoom discussion meetings to be held:

  • Tuesday 20th April at 8pm
  • Thursday 29th April at 2.30pm
  • Saturday 15th May at 10am

Each meeting will be open for 2 hours and a panel consisting of Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group members will be there to listen to and respond to your questions and comments.  To join one of the meetings  you will need to register with the Parish Clerk,  Rosalind Buxton,  giving an outline of what you want to discuss.  Full details of how to register are contained in an information leaflet which will be delivered to all households in Luppitt during the first week of April along with a 20 page ‘Summary and Explanation’ booklet containing the proposed planning policies and other key information. 

We are hoping for a strong level of feedback from our parishioners.  The Plan  will heavily influence any planning decisions relating to Luppitt and will play a key role in shaping the future of the Parish, so it is important that the people who live in the Parish are fully aware of, and support, its content.  Do please take the time to read the information available and join us for one of the open discussion meetings.