Photo courtesy of James Jackson

Welcome to the Luppitt Neighbourhood Plan website.  This website contains all the relevant information to enable the Luppitt Parish Neighbourhood Plan to be properly understood. The Chairman’s Report provides the latest status in the process being followed to have the Plan ratified.   The site is an ‘information bank’ enabling all parish residents to keep abreast of the latest developments on the plan and next steps. 

Within the plan you will find the 37 proposed new planning policies specifically developed for the parish and 17 proposed Community Actions designed to improve parish life.  

You can read the latest news, understand who you can talk to if you have any questions, and see what actions are being taken.

The Luppitt Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to East Devon District Council in February 2022 and you can see the submission document here. As we proceed through this final phase towards a parish referendum all further documentation will be found in the Regulation 16 tab above.