In May 2014 the Parish Council resolved to undertake a Neighbourhood Plan.  A steering group was assembled, consultants engaged and a village-wide questionnaire was circulated.  The consultants represented several local parishes which proved to be less than satisfactory for Luppitt.  So when the arrangement came to an end, the Parish Council invited Roger Hicks, a village resident and former Chartered Surveyor, to write the draft plan.  Roger accepted the challenge in August 2016 and submitted the first draft to the Parish Council in February 2017.  The final full draft was completed for parish-wide consultation in March 2018 following input from the Parish Council and East Devon District Council. A summary was presented at three public meetings. 

The steering group was then re-convened and held six public meetings between June and November 2018.  During this period six sub-groups were set up, each covering an aspect of the draft Plan, plus a Consultation and Communications group.  The leads from each sub-group met regularly as a committee together with the steering group chairman, the chairman of the Parish Council and the Parish Clerk, who has responsibility for finance.  The Luppitt Neighbourhood Plan is a permanent agenda item at the monthly Parish Council meetings.

As the previous draft Plan was largely based upon the 2014 village questionnaire, then some four years old, the steering group prepared a new parish-wide questionnaire which was distributed by hand to every household in the parish in November 2018.  The questionnaire was open to every resident of 16 years of age or older to complete.  Analysis of the resultant data was presented back to the Parish in February 2019 and fed into the current draft Neighbourhood Plan.

The Luppitt Neighbourhood Plan will be the community’s Plan for the parish of Luppitt, which includes Luppitt village and the hamlets of Beacon, Wick, and Shaugh and all areas in between (see map below).