Chairman’s Progress Report – November 2022

Luppitt’s Neighbourhood Plan becomes a reality!

On Thursday 24th November 2022 EDDC carried out the Luppitt Neighbourhood Plan parish referendum and posed the question ‘Do you want East Devon District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Luppitt to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’ Thirty percent of the parish turned out in pretty atrocious weather and an overwhelming 89% voted in favour of the Plan!  This huge majority is a testament to the great work carried out by many in the parish and means that Luppitt now has a neighbourhood plan and its very own planning policies.  

As a reminder, the Luppitt Neighbourhood Plan (LNP) contains:  

13 New Planning Policies – designed to protect the character and tranquillity of the parish and discourage inappropriate development 

17 Community Actions – the Parish Council and residents working together on ideas and proposals designed to benefit the community 

Essential Information – useful and interesting parish information unavailable anywhere else in a single document

The LNP will now become the essential guide for the Parish Council in making planning recommendations, and also for EDDC when arriving at planning decisions.  The Plan has legal status and as we have already seen in recent planning applications, architects, planning consultants and applicants must take its policies into account when submitting planning applications in the future.  This will all help to protect the character of Luppitt parish, its landscape and views, and the natural environment for generations to come. 

Copies of the Plan, and the ‘Luppitt Landscape Character Assessment’ are available on the web site – – or from the parish clerk: 01404 861565.

This is a great achievement.  Our congratulations to the sub-group leaders and huge thanks to the EDDC and AONB officers for their help throughout and to everyone who has contributed along the way.  

Roger Hicks

Chairman, Luppitt Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

John Thorne

Chairman, Luppitt Parish Council                                                 Friday, 25th November 2022