WELCOME to the Luppitt Neighbourhood Plan website. 

The website contains all the information you need to keep up to date with how the Neighbourhood Plan for Luppitt Parish is developing. 

The Plan will be a legally binding document which will have to be taken into consideration by the District Council planning department when considering planning applications within our Parish. 

Our Members Meetings and Minutes page will show you who is working on the Neighbourhood Plan, and you can keep up to date with progress by reading the Minutes of the monthly Steering Group meetings.  Even better, you can find the dates of future meetings which any resident of the Parish can attend and vote on proposals put forward for the next phase in developing the content of the Plan. 

You can read the latest news in our ‘What’s Happening’ section, join in discussions, submit your opinions and sign up for news alerts.

The Neighbourhood Plan is an important document which will help protect our natural environment and our day to day lives against unwanted change.  So we would encourage all Parish residents to visit us here on a regular basis and to take an active part in the Plan’s evolution.